Doorway to Tibet - Tracy McCrackin Photography

Doorway to Tibet

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This image has a story to be told.  Tibet was ruled by successive families from the 14th - 17th century, to be succeeded by the Dalai Lama's rule in the 17th and 18th century. Tibet would be de facto independent from the mid-14th century on, for nearly 400 years.  The Portala Palace is an ancient fortress in the city of Lhasa.  It was the winter palace of the Dalai Lamas from 1649 to 1959.

On March 22, the news reported from India that there was concern over the fate of the Dalai Lama, then age 23, who seemed to have disappeared.  It later emerged that he had been able to slip past invading Chinese troops who were around his palace.  He left the palace dressed as a soldier and met up with a group of Tibetan resistance fighters 60 kilometers (37 miles) outside of Lhasa.

His entourage included his mother, sister, younger brother and several top officials.  They traveled for two days and two nights without stopping, on foot and on horseback.  A month’s supplies were carried by mules. To cross the tightly Brahmaputra River, they used a single boat made of yak skin.  The group then continued on foot, walking only at night through the harsh Himalayan terrain.

They had a head start on Chinese troops, who had not realized the Dalai Lama had disappeared until two days later, only then sending out a ground and air dragnet and combing monasteries where he could be hiding.  It was “one of the most fantastic escapes in history,” the news reported.

This image was taken inside the Portola palace.  This is the view the Dali Llama would see every day while at the palace.  It is a view of downtown Llasa and it's colorful mountains.  This doorway leads out of his private rooms, and onto a stone walkway that was used as his " back door "to the palace. This rare glimpse into his personal life and to see what he saw, is priceless. This image will definitely be a conversation piece.  

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