Artist Bio

Tracy Heschong-McCrackin is an award-winning writer and photographer, who has had her work recognized across the country.  As a former winner of the Sacramento Film Festival and past Miss Rocklin & Miss Placer County, tracy has gained extensive experience in both theatre and the arts.

She started her photography studio 20 years ago and specialized in portraits, landscapes and commercial photography.  She has also acted in several TV commercials and now resides in Southern California with her husband. 

Several of Tracy's images have been acknowledged by the Editor's at National Geographic YourShots.  It is her ability to capture the true essence of her subjects that makes her artwork so compelling.  Each photograph tells a story and immortalizes a moment that would have otherwise been lost. 

Tracy draws much of her inspiration from her travels.  She has a passion for investigating off the beaten path locations, cultures and individuals.  It is those moments of exploration that her creativity is ignited and much of her artwork is born.  Tracy’s love for people is further shown in her commitment to being a Red Cross volunteer. Yet, despite all her professional and humanitarian credits, it is her two grown children and four grandchildren that remain Tracy’s greatest accomplishments.

Tracy was recently honored as a distinguished past alumni by her High School Alumni Group with the their "Excellence in Creative Arts Award."  Capital Christian High School Alumni prepared a video highlihting Tracy's life and accomplishments which can be found: Click Here.