Iceland's Historic Farm Under the Volcano Panorama - Tracy McCrackin Photography
Iceland's Historic Farm Under the Volcano Panorama - Tracy McCrackin Photography

Iceland's Historic Farm Under the Volcano Panorama

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Porvaldseyri is a historic farm located beneath Iceland’s most famous volcano, Eyjafjallajökull.  Þorvaldseyri farm was originally founded in 1886.  It reared sheep and cows, produced grain, and even utilized its own hydroelectric power for electricity and geothermal water for heating.  It sits unfortunately directly below the volcano, and a glacier sits next to the volcano.

In 2010, an eruption of epic proposition occurred at Eyiafjallajokull volcano, diirectly above the farm.  This volcano is most famous for the calamity it caused by closing airports and grounding flights across the world, due to the enormous ash cloud it expelled. Ash poisoned crops, which in turn poisoned livestock, and farms throughout Iceland were affected terribly.  

Þorvaldseyri was one such farm. The volcano covered it in feet of ash, and melted the glacier next to it.  The melting glacier turned to black mud and sludge, and expelled itself down the mountainside towards the farm.  At the last second the mud turned south and the farm was saved.  

The owners worked tirelessly for a year to save and restore the farm and adjacent land back to it's former glory.  They also opened an exhibit which focuses on the challenges farmers face when volcanoes erupt.  Images of the exploding volcano above the farm can be found easily all over the internet.

This "Iceland's Farm Under the Volcano Panorama'' image was taken at the end of winter, and the beginning of spring 2018.  Wonderful open expanses of dark green grasses now cover the land.  This lovely farm can be seen in the distance with it's familiar Icelandic red roof tops.  The infamous volcano and glacier can be seen sitting atop the mountainside.

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