Spouting Whale in the Arctic - Tracy McCrackin Photography

Spouting Whale in the Arctic

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Iceland has a rich history with the giants of the sea.  Whales are mentioned in the oldest documented texts and sources in Iceland.  They are now devoted to conservation efforts, hoping to escape their image as a prior whaling nation. 

The cool, clear North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans encircling Iceland are teeming with whales of various sizes and species. The whale watching port in the north is Akureyri and Husavik. Whale watching is also available from the Reykjavik harbour. These locations confirm, that whales are all around Iceland's coastline. When sighting these majestic whales, one is also treated to a variety of seals, puffins, and a glimpse of the midnight sun, weather permitting.

This "Spouting Whale in the Arctic" image was taken at the end of winter, when the whales were just starting to migrate south.  The whale had just surfaced around our boat, when it blew a cold, fine mist into the air.  This nautical, ocean print is perfect for your home or office.  We made this print by using high-quality papers with a high color accuracy, which guarantees that your print lasts a lifetime without fading.